• Our story


    When my daughter Taimi was five years old, my wife and I took her to see MD. The greater part of Taimi’s young life had already been spent in many a doctor’s office as we relentlessly pursued answers to her disability, which still remains a medical mystery.
    On this day, like so many others, Taimi went through a battery of lab tests. We hoped that maybe this time, we’d finally find something that works.

    Those hopes were quickly dashed when the specialist recommended Taimi take a total of sixteen different supplements. It wasn’t that we doubted the effects of the supplements, but many of them were in pill form, and Taimi can’t swallow pills, which made getting the supplements to her simply impossible. After a few fruitless attempts to “hide” the various supplements in Taimi’s food and drinks, we were left feeling frustrated and powerless.

    Seeing Taimi be denied yet another opportunity to improve her way of life was heartbreaking. And her access to these supplements was denied just because they only came in pill form? I couldn’t accept that, and so I decided to find a better solution.

    It was nearly a year after that visit to the specialist when I discovered encapsulated powder. I knew this tasteless, odorless powder with amazing bioavailability, and no fillers was a game-changer for my daughter.
    At the same time, my friend Mikko Revonniemi and I had an ongoing conversation about going all-in on something for the greater good. But what would be a worthy enough cause? Suddenly, the answer was staring right at us. The encapsulated powder was a starting point to change the supplement industry for good.

    And that was how the idea for Taimi [‘tie-me] was born.

    My daughter is the soul of our company. Her gift of seeing the world differently has helped show us a different way. Taimi, translated into English, means a “seedling.” Seedlings represent something new—a new era, a new life—something that will grow strong in the future.

    With Taimi, we introduce encapsulated powders that are vegan, odorless, and of neutral taste with amazing bioavailability. You can simply sprinkle the powder in your drinks or food: no pill-popping, no disposable plastics, no unnecessary additives, and fillers.

    Taimi is a new holistic solution for a balanced life that revolutionizes the way we use supplements. Supplements are the first step in our mission to balance the people and the planet.

    We are committed to finding better ways for all of us to live more balanced lives. Which begins with our promise to be a better kind of company. We care about what goes into our products, how they’re being sourced, how they’re being produced in the short as well as long term impact they’ll have. We know you care too, so that’s why we will bring 100% transparency and ethics to everything we do.

    Our journey began with my daughter, and she continues to inspire us. That’s why we’ve incorporated her paintings into our package design. Taimi can’t speak, and instead, she’s found many other ways to express herself. She loves to paint, and her “Jackson Pollock-Esque” paintings really are astonishing. So, every time you use our products, you’re holding a piece of her art in your hands.

    With Love,
    Jukka Peltola, cool daddy & co-founder

  • The Finnish name "Taimi"

    ([ˈtaɪˌmɪ] or 'tie-me')
    translated into English means "seedling" or "sapling",
    like a baby tree or baby plant.
    Seedlings also represent something new,
    a new era, a new life,
    something that is going to grow strong
    and bloom in the future.