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    It's Taimi to Bloom

    If you want to bring beauty into this world, contribute and love unconditionally, you have to start from yourself. We at Taimi are on the same path. Let’s start a meaningful journey together.


    This is the beginning...

  • Our Plan in Three Steps


    (Introduce) Powder

    Introduce a new chapter in dietary supplements' evolution: water-dispersible and highly bioavailable functional blends to promote concrete results and support balance in your life.


    (Empower) People

    Bring personalized supplements with transcending technology so you get the nutrients your body needs, at the right time and in the correct proportion.


    (Support) Planet

    Help to create a global ecosystem from farms to laboratories to your body that respects the planet and its limited resources. We support open-source & decentralized data, and regenerative farming methods by providing information, tools, resources, and a revenue model.

  • The Product Philosophy

    We base our research and development on complex system science combined with carefully chosen ingredients. Our approach supplies a broad spectrum of synergistically functioning tonic components for your body’s self-regulating system. Your body can convert and apply the elements into various biological functions depending on the current demands set by your internal and external environment.

  • More is not better. Better is better.

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